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why i love thee, filofax

I remember in middle school getting my very first school issued planner. Our homeroom teacher explained how to use it. I fell in love instantly. It was absolutely genius, one location where I could write all my to do and plans. Since then, I have tried all types of personal planners and kept one every year.

In the end though, Filofax won out.


The rings and planners are sturdy. 
I have purchased other brands and I can be a little rough when it comes to handling my planners. I’ve had other planner’s rings get deformed on me and no matter how much muscle, I cannot seem to fix the rings. Therefore, money gone and it can be very upsetting.
I recently got my patent nude completely soaking wet when a water bottle got loose. It dried out. You can sort of tell but it’s not obvious so I’ve just kept it as is and no one has even noticed! Perk!

Simple classic designs. 
I love how the Filofax planners look. They often come in classic colors that work with every outfit. My favorite is definitely the Original Patent Nude (as pictured above).

Different sizes depending on your lifestyle.
I used to be a Personal size fanatic. It was small enough to travel in my purse but also big enough that I could truly write down all my plans. As life has gotten more hectic with adulthood (plus now I am working full-time and attending classes full-time along with managing my own apartment), it was time to upgrade to the A5 size. It’s much larger but it works for me now.

Ability to truly customize the inside.
Thank you to the amazing shop owners at, I am able to really customize the inside. I have gorgeous dashboards, stickers, and different types of inserts depending on what I need.  You can pick your favorite layouts for inserts plus choose a seller with quality paper, etc.

My different sections include:
– Monthly Calendar
– Weekly Calendar (lined always because I cannot write in a straight line)
– To Do List
– Notes
I used to keep a weekly food log and expenses but rarely kept up with those as well so I just minimized to just what I needed.

Planning and organizing is my own version of yoga.
Quite often, I attempt to use digital calendars because it does get a bit costly to buy inserts each year. But the act of writing things down, flipping through the pages, and reviewing my long term plan is the most relaxing exercise for me. It gives me peace of mind and soothes me to write it down. It actually does more for me than keeping a journal because it’s just facts. This is what I did. This is what I need to do.
When I sit at my desk to use my Filofax, it’s a moment for me and it’s the best way to take a breath and organize everything.
Anyone else use a paper planner? Do you have a brand preference?

Note: This webpage is not sponsored by Filofax (pfft, I wish!). I purchased all my own products and this is my true opinion. Thank you! 


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