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hiding tattoos in the funeral business

The funeral business is very old school. They’re on par with the law field (another field I dabbled in).

This means absolutely no wacky, fun hair colours (goodbye, galaxy hair) and definitely no visible tattoos.

Why? Because the clientele usually tend to skew older and more conservative. They want you to look professional so therefore, your boss wants you to look professional. If you look natural and put together, they think you will do a great job on their loved one.
My mom was right: I shouldn’t have gotten all those tattoos. I have a total of 6 and still counting (got a few others in mind). However, only 2 of my tattoos are visible:

  • 12144825_422049397997449_4277284144475922648_nRight wrist (Ernest Hemingway’s signature as seen in the photo)
  • Left inside ankle (Batman logo with Poison Ivy vines)

So, what do I do?

Bandage over the right wrist. 

Skin-toned medical tape also works great.

Some people will use make-up but I have found that this smears onto my long-sleeved shirts and takes too much time while a bandage takes less than a few seconds to put on.

For my ankle tattoo, I always wear pants or dark, solid black leggings. 

Tattoo cover-up sleeves such as this here also work great to hide it. However, sometimes these sleeves will move and shift, exposing the tattoo.

Sometimes I use a Compression Ankle Sock – it works in two ways! Also, no one will bother you if it looks like a medical issue.

I cannot wait for the day when the world becomes more accepting of different hair colours and especially of tattoos and piercings. I love my tattoos and I would rather show them off proudly! But until that day, I will keep them hidden to please our clients because their needs definitely come before mine.

What are some methods you have tried that work? Comment below!


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