how to grieve the loss of a pet

AStitch Valentino - croppednyone who knows me knows that I love my pets especially my adopted chihuahua, Stitch Valentino (pictured).

However, there comes a time when you have to say goodbye to your furry loved one and it can be just as painful as losing a loved one.

Read more in this Washington Post article by Joe Yonan.

To me, my pets are considered family. I call Stitch my son and he is beside me every second when I am home. I spend more time with himΒ than anyone else.

So, what should one do when they lose their best friend?Β Here are some tips:

  1. Know that it’s normal to grieve for the loss of your beloved pet
  2. Don’t try to bottle up you emotions or feel ashamed.
    Honestly, I will take vacation days and cry for days while eating any comfort food I can get. I am not ashamed to do so.
  3. Seek support from others who have experienced the pain of losing a pet.
  4. Ignore people who devalue your loss.
    Some people do not understand how much a pet could mean to you. Do not let them talk down to you or make you feel worse. You do not need that negativity during this time.
  5. Understand the grieving process takes time.

For more on this subject and moreΒ tips, please click here.


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