me before you

me before youBy Jojo Moyes

There are times where I can be a hopeless romantic. I don’t let that side of me out often but it is there.

Jojo Moyes’ “Me Before You” pulled on every heart string and put your tear ducts into overdrive.

The story follows quirky Louisa Clark who ends being an inexperienced caretaker to the wealthy Will Traynor, who due to an accident is left paralyzed. He’s of course handsome and sort of a jerk. She’s of course adorable yet a little naive and was stuck in this small town.

The story may seem cookie cutter and you can already guess they will fall in love. However, both characters truly blossom and grow before your eyes and the story is fascinating. The writing is superb and will keep you up until you finish. Then, it lingers with you for months to come.

(Though, skip the sequel, “After You”, trust me. You’ll be sorely disappointed.)

Also, after reading the book, don’t miss the film starring Emilia Clarke (of Game of Thrones) and Sam Claflin (of Hunger Games). Both of them just embody their characters so well. Cast also includes Harry Potter’s Matthew Lewis and Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman. It’s a must see and definitely does the book justice!


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