holiday party dress guide

Fantastic Beasts 01Tis the season … for holiday parties!
This year, I have my own office holiday party to attend (and plan) plus my boyfriend’s company’s party. Here are some my recommendations from what I’ve learned over the years:

  1. See if you can get access to photos of previous years and ask around.
  2. Check out the venue and what the vibe is of the location.
  3. Comfort first.
    You don’t want to trip in your heels and have colleagues think you’re the office lush.
  4. Dress in Green, Red, White, Gold, Silver, or Light Blue (aka colors that remind you of the holidays or evoke winter vibes).
  5. Have a little fun!

I swear this post is not sponsored by Hot Topic but all the dresses I considered this year are from their stores and site. I love their dresses because they tend to have a little air of fun to them since they are often “cosplay” dresses where you can really have some fun.

  • Harley Quinn cocktail dress: 
    I am a bit more busty so I had to wear a cardigan over it. Extremely cute and fun though. Also, comfortable. Pairs great with simple black heels or flats.
  • Cinderella cocktail dress:
    Again, if you’re busty, may require a cardigan or scarf. The dress is also still has a lot of pouf and fun. You may look like a little ballerina though. This looks best with silver glitter heels.
  • Poison Ivy gown:
    For those holiday parties that are a bit fancier. I love this gown. I’d pair this with gold glitter heels.
  • Fantastic Beasts Coat and 1920’s Style Dress:
    Now this is a beauty and airy. Great for a fancier type party where you know no red wine might spill on it.  For this, I recommend a nude colored or darker pink Mary Janes style heels.

What are you wearing to your holiday party this year? Send me links!


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