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riverdale: who killed jason blossom?

For years, people asked, “Who killed Laura Palmer?” Now on the CW, it’s all about “Who killed Jason Blossom?” The CW has taken the sweet characters from Archie that we all grew up with and added a bit of noir and darkness to it. This is not the Archie cast you once knew. Read the… Continue reading riverdale: who killed jason blossom?


why do you want to be a mortician?

The most common question asked of mortuary sciences students is simply "Why?" "Why would you surround yourself with death and sadness? Isn't it depressing? It's such a weird field. What got you into this?" We all come from different paths. Some just fall into it while others realised at a young age, they were not easily disgusted… Continue reading why do you want to be a mortician?

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palermo catacombs

In my first term, I presented my research on the Palermo Catacombs found in Italy, which is home to thousands of mummified remains including the "Sleeping Beauty" named Rosalie Lombardo. Hope you enjoy reading about the research as much as I enjoyed writing about it. The Residents of the Palermo Catacombs Thousands of souls now call… Continue reading palermo catacombs